Month: May 2015

Miwok 100K trail run 2015

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This report is a mix of all sorts of information, a core dump so I can remember race details for Miwok and other future races, so others can understand some of the details and the attraction of ultra trail running either as an outsider, a road runner or at some current level of trail running.  These are all my own photos, some with some photoshopping and you may download and use them if you like.  I have reduced the file size of most to speed your viewing.  Clicking an image in WordPress opens the image in the browser.  In some cases I changed the link to open the full file size for some of the nicer photos.  I have also created a few links for equipment and other things mentioned in this report.  There may be some inaccuracies since I am from Dallas and reporting on this California race.  Also, it is dynamic and I may ‘improve’ it over time.

This is my first time to play with WordPress.  I think you can leave comments or corrections if you like.  I will try and make updates if I have the time.

Thanks for reading!

Prelude . . . some info I had sent to friends pre race, included here for some background on the race.

Hi friends. Josephie and I are en route to the west coast for the Miwok 100k trail run in Marin county. Miwok100 is a 62.2 mi trail running race with out-and-backs and loops and around 12,000 ft of elevation gain. It has taken place since 1996. It begins and ends at Stinson Beach State Park along the coast, north of San Francisco. The course winds up and down the coast between several beaches and the coastal mountains and forests. I’m lucky to be in this race. It has a lottery for entry with about a 50% lottery entry success ratio.  There are no specific race entry requirements other than . . . registration. (more…)