Surgery center setup

Call pts the night before.

“Surgery time” is 0700, usually get pt into room at 0715-0725.

Usual preop is famotidine 40, metoclopramide 10, clonidine 0.2 or 0.3, bicitra 30cc, given automatically.  Sylvia will ask how much clonidine.  You may modify any of this, of course.

Anes machine is older Ohmeda with manual and separate APL valve and vent to bag switch.  That is, you must close the APL valve when you switch to vent.  The APL valve does not need to be turned but about 1 turn to close adequately . . . don’t need to screw it in all the way.  You can determine this when you manually ventilate the pt and you play with the turns on the valve.  Ventilator is Ohio 7000 with manual on/off switch and you must, of course turn on the vent after switching to vent.


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