CDA Tea Agribusiness

Part Time Work

After school – Summer

Be a crucial part of new agribusiness in Idaho – Tea

Unique Resume addition

Work Experience & Reference

Male or Female student

Min. age: 16

Hourly rate: $10 ad hoc bonuses

Pay in check or direct transfer only, no cash.

1099 Form


Starting date: approx. May 6th, 2016

As much time after school/weekends mutually agreeable

First month of school holidays 20-40 hrs per week.

Summer: approx 10-20+ hrs per week.

Position is for light farm & active gardening outdoor, mostly, manual work on ~10 acres on Fernan Hill and suitable for an able female as well as a male.

Make yourself indispensible; prove up a solid character and work ethic with very small start-up mixed farm & developing tea garden owned by a private family in the Fernan Hill/French Gulch area.

One core hire part –time


One or two temporary hires for a couple of weekends, possibly a week when summer vacation starts, and ‘on-call’ work where mutually agreeable as back up.

Immediate (and ongoing):

Pushing up top wire and repair of tears in deer fence netting

Clearing and cleaning fence lines

Weeding, spraying & pruning

Care of house vegetable and herb gardens

Weeding current and preparing new raised tea beds

Planting Tea seedlings

Ensuring the security and care of the property

Documentation and mapping of work done

Installing & checking drip irrigation to beds and do spot repairs (easy – will instruct) and some spot hand watering

Various tasks as directed that are reasonable and appropriate to position of developing and maintenance of small farm, its homestead and associated activities.

2016 Summer:

Taking down old fence t-posts and wire

Maintenance of equipment (will show how if do not know – easy)

Clearing underbrush of some pine area – spot clearing

Small number of livestock (sheep), management

Soil analysis with Dept. Ag

Identifying insect, weed, animal control needs and possible solutions

Fruit harvest help and planting


Recording data and various entries for record keeping

Ensuring the security and care of the property when owners are away

Various tasks as directed that are reasonable and appropriate to position of developing and maintenance of small farm, its homestead and associated activities.

*Additional help can be sought if needed.


Supervision of ad hoc farm help

Part of developing first Idaho Tea Farm program

Interacting with other visiting tea growers (incl. international)

Involved in assisting with various future scientific studies/research.

Liaise with various US Tea growing researchers (Mississippi Florida, Auburn Universities et al)

Propagation, harvest and artisan production of tea

The position may also develop into helping conduct future tours, workshops, press releases, social media, launch of merchandise lines, sales (including internet), training etc


  • US Citizen.

  • 1099 or W9 IRS Form

  • English – speaks, writes, reads and comprehends at grade level or above

  • Established good character and work ethic. Highly responsible.

  • Great student with realistic goals of attending University (Ag, Science or Eng degree), however, the quality of person matters most, not the future degree path (Business, Marketing, Accounting, Computer etc). High caliber students who will seek a trade route will also be considered, but must meet all other criteria including good grades and competencies.

  • Willing and physically able to perform farm type, mostly light manual labor chores; ‘active gardening’

  • Driver’s license preferred but not essential for interim

  • Own reliable transportation, phone and access to a computer

  • Punctual

  • Is not lazy

  • Clear communicator. Without apprehension, identify and communicate when need clarification, admits mistakes and owns problems. A biggie – nothing gains trust better than fronting up ASAP and claiming ownership; identifying a possible a solution and seeing through a course of remedy.

  • Pleasant, resilient, enthusiastic with a calm demeanor,

  • Common sense AND smart – thinks, plans and anticipates

  • Respectful, useful, follows orders and follow up.

  • Communicates well, both written and verbally, healthy interpersonal boundaries, problem solver, history of reliability and trustworthiness.

  • NO drug or tobacco abues use or other poor personal life choices.

  • Willingness to use and maintain basic and small farm and garden equipment

  • Respectful and demonstrates this through actions.

  • Confidential, responsible and professional – all details of plans, projects and any matters regarding property and family are to be kept confidential unless relevant to a specific task and as directed by employers.

  • Clean personal habits and organized

  • Innate drive to learn and gain new skills

  • Prior outdoor chores experience an advantage

  • Can improvise and identifies problems, or potential issues, clearly, and then sees an opportunity to find or create a solution.

The hope is as the business starts to grow, the candidate, as they are proved up, to grow in the journey too, from field to office.

Please send an email:

  1. Introducing us to you, any prior experience with family chores or paid jobs, and how you may help with our needs.

  2. 2-3 written references, with at least one from a current teacher. No consideration without references.

  3. Attach a copy of your last report card. We don’t expect perfection, however, good grades reflect qualities and abilities desired.

We will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible. Please also let us know your earliest available times and dates for starting.

Email:  or leave comments or questions as directed below.  If appropriate, your comments maybe included as part of this page as a sort of FAQ for others.

Thank you


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