Core / total body workout for runners

These are sort of notes for my own reference.  These are taken from some YouTube videos on the topic.  Rather than resting between exhausting arm workouts, I did some core or leg exercises.  I’ll list the arm or upper body stuff the the core stuff separately.  Much of the arm stuff is really a core or lower / full body move as well.  I made some notes about the weights I used by your weights will be different.  And I would have to reduce weights later in the workout if I changed the order of the exercises.

The idea is to use minimal weights that one might have available at home rather than require heavier weights at a gym.  Level of difficulty may be modulated to make easier of harder.  Make harder by extending arms on some of the moves or by ‘pulsing’ the weight lift or by doing the move more slowly.

  • DB curl & press – bicep then press 15# 10R x 3
Goblet Squat
     30# 15R x 3 alt pushups McKenzie
DB pullover with pull hands together.  Do on a bench
Farmer Carry
     with stairs
Thrusters – squat to press
     20# 10R x 3 alt hip excercise
Incline, one arm press
DB swing like kettle bell
     15# 15R x 3 alt flutter kick x 25
Tripod DB row
Non-arm exercise to do in between:
     supine flutter kick
     supine bicycle with crunches
     45 degree crunch on bench
     hanging leg lift
     lat pull down on knees
     Various leg lifts from video
     supine legs up in L shape while moving light DB extended arms at sides to anterior
     supine L shape again, lift and twist hips, hold DB still at 45 from over head
     DB chop – standing, oblique motion from L lower to R upper use both arms on DB
     russian twist – sitting on floor or bench at 45 then heavy DB both arms R and L
     supine, small DB between feet, lift legs straight, repeat
     pendulums – supine, L legs, DB in hands at 90 on floor. pendulum legs side to side
     side plank with DB rotation, light DB
     supine, like flutter kick but scissor kick