Hamstring recovery – activity log

Activity as noted.  Medications – none unless noted


3150 yards pool swimming in around 75 minutes – no pain except minimal with flip turns.  Had a pretty good rest of the day, very little pain.  Swimming certainly did not hurt it and has left me feeling pretty good the rest of the day.


20 minutes on stairmaster level 10 – no pain

2100 yards pool swim 1:59 / 100 pace  – in the evening – no pain


Evening indoor cycling on my Wahoo Kickr Snap watt trainer with trial of Zwift.  Did a little over an hour at about 130 watts on a simulated London bike ride.  Wow, seemed like a lot more than that.  I’m not in cycling shape.  BTW, Zwift is a cool program and the Kickr is a really cool power controlled wind cyclotrainer.  Had a tiny bit of HS soreness the next morning.  If baseline is a 3, maybe it was a 1.75.


Combined stairmaster workout at about level 10 for 75 minutes, HR average 138, max 156. Then 2100 yards freestyle swim averaging 2:00 per 100 yd.  Feeling pretty good, pain-wise.  That is, the little bit of pain I had is now about gone post this workout.  Perhaps a 0.5 or so.  Might to an FTP bike test this evening if I have time.


16 hrs work day.  Did not get up early to exercise so no activities today except for walking at work.  Tiny bit of ache with walking, 1.5 level.  Sitting was more of a problem and I had to use a cushion between the ischial bones as a regular chair was painful as usual.