HS pain

The pain is not terrible.  In fact, if it was a bit less, I might just be ignoring it and waiting for spontaneous recovery.

Walking – pain level 0 to 3 depending on if I’m having a good day or not.  Brisk walking causes more pain.

Running flat – pain level 1 to 4, mostly depending on pace.  I discovered that the pain number is about equal to the miles per hour of the run.

Running uphill – less  or no pain.  Makes sense, less HS action needed to decelerate the run on a uphill.  Gravity does most of the work.  And uphill running is slower as well.

Downhill running – a bit less than running flat by factor of 1 although it would mechanically seem that it should be at least the same.

Cycling – mostly no pain although I’m not in great cycling shape right now.  Use of clips does engage the HS but not enough to cause pain apparently.

Elliptical machine running – no pain.  Makes sense, the elliptical does not really engage the HS as the machine controls the forward motion of the leg.

Swimming – freestyle – mostly no pain except a tiny bit on an aggressive flip-turn.  Actually seems to sooth the HS problem for most of the day.  I’m up to around a 75 minute swim of 3200 yards or so.  Not so fast and not at a high effort level but I don’t want a shoulder or neck problem right now.  I may start to do some swimming intervals to build some strength and increase cardio.