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Walnut Meal sugar cookies 8/11/17 see below for variation(s) updates 9/23/2017 and 9/25/2017  

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Hey, I just made this so it’s subject to change or additional tips so keep that in mind and check back.


250 gm walnut meal (about 2 cups) I used the weight

one egg

1/2 cup butter (120 gm)

1/2 cup golden toasted flax seeds (Trader Joe)

125cc xylitol (100 gm)

125cc stevia ‘sugar measure equivalent’ (this is fluffy and I measured 125cc)

tsp vanilla

tsp vinegar

3/4 tsp baking soda

tblsp cinnamon

tblsp ground ginger

salt 2.5 gm (1/2 tstp)

100cc hemp seed

25 gm Maca powder (trader joe)

50 cc egg white powder


Make the walnut flour or meal. – use food processor or blend about half cup at a time in a blender.  I used a Ninja blender 20 oz cup and found that any less or more would not mix all the nuts.  Even with the incremental portions of nuts in the blender I had to blend for about 3 seconds then remove the container and shake it a bit and repeat about 6-7 times for each portion.  The oil in the walnuts makes them not mix well in the blender.  They are second only to macadamia nuts I think in terms of percent oil.  That’s good when it comes to keto recipes, t’s hard to get enough fat. In addition, walnuts are the only nut I’m aware of that has some omega-3’s (about 20%) vs practically zero for almonds etc.

The Maca and Egg White firm up an otherwise really runny cookie

Mix all the ingredients but the baking soda.  I did a trial with and without the soda. You can add it initially or wait. I need to do a trial to see if it helps to wait on adding the soda just before cooking. So try it either way.

Select the portion of the cookie dough you want to cook at that moment and proportionally add the baking soda.

Put onto a sheet pan in approx 25 gram quantities.  They are so oily that I found they needed no grease on the cookie sheet.

Bake 10 minutes at 380. Let them cool. They are a little fragile but better they slide off the sheet pan without a spatula or you can use one if you like.

Will flatten a bit, but not much.

Costco walnuts blended


25 gram aliquots



Self oiling – they don’t seem to stick


Three cookies on the right had added bicarb, around 50mg each. This level of bicarb slightly diminished the sweetness but did impart a ‘bicarb’ flavor. And indeed there was some expansion noted. The two cookies on the top right had added 3gm cocoa nibs to each cookie.



New Macros with the added egg white and maca. The maca gives more texture but adds some carbs. I could probably cut half the maca. Note that the colors are changed. Blue = Fat, Red=protein.

The recipe makes around 23 cookies at 25 grams of dough per cookie. So grams for each cookie is

  • Fat – 13.1
  • Protein – 3.8
  • Carb – 2.1

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 11.54.45 PM.jpg

Walnut Meal cookies 8/23/17 

changes from above noted in blue

Primary change is substituting coffee fruit flour as noted below.


250 gm walnut meal (about 2 cups) I used the weight – food processor works best for crunching walnuts into flour but you can use a blender and about 1/4 cup walnuts at a time.

one egg

1/2 cup butter (120 gm)

1/2 cup golden toasted flax seeds (Trader Joe)

25 grams Chia seeds – added

94 cc – xylitol (75 gm) – reduced from 100 gm

94 cc (reduced from 125 cc)  stevia ‘sugar measure equivalent’ (this is fluffy and I measured rather than weighed. I did weigh it this time also but forgot the weight – something like 8 gm for 94 of fluffy stevia product.

tsp vanilla

tsp vinegar

1 tsp baking soda – increased this from 3/4 tsp

tblsp cinnamon

tblsp ground ginger

salt 2.5 gm (1/2 tstp)

100cc hemp seed

25 gm Maca powder (trader joe)

25 gm Trader Joe coffee fruit flour – used this instead of the above maca powder

50 cc egg white powder


Add the baking soda to whatever portion you intend to immediately cook. This does make a difference. Old dough from the refrigerator tastes and does fine for a long time but the soda reacts with the vinegar and it won’t rise.  The rising is slight but it does improve the quality of the cookie.

Measure out 25 gm portions of the dough – around a heaping tablespoon. Form a ball, more or less on the sheet pan. press down with a fork as these are thick enough that they won’t really melt into a flat cookie shape.

Cook the same as above recipe, 10 min at 380 – prob could reduce the time to 8 or 9 minutes. They got a bit dark but I think this is from the coffee fruit powder.  Tasted good. Chia is a good additive and with the TJ roasted flax, gives a good internal crunchiness to an otherwise fairly soft cookie. I’ll keep these changes for now.  The reduced sweeteners and swapping out the maca powder makes them less sweet but still plenty sweet. I was worried about them having (too much or bad) coffee taste but I can’t say that I can taste the coffee. As above, they are oily and slid off the pan by hand after cooling.

Walnut Meal cookies 8/25/17 

Today’s variation was to add back some maca flour but keep half the coffee flour:

  • Follow the above 8/23/2017 recipe exactly except –
  • Cut the coffee flour in half
  • Add 12.5 grams of maca powder (Trader Joe or elsewhere)
  • You may add one or two additional eggs for which will change the consistency to less dense and less chewy from almost nutrient bar like feel to more cookie like. Two eggs seems to be better than three but the one egg is still a good result.



Anti-inflammatory Nitric Oxide and oil Smoothie

OK, that’s not much of a name for a smoothie.  I just was trying to get down a few nutrients that I have a hard time incorporating into meals.  So, sometimes I just slam them down in one disgusting smoothie then eat more ‘normally’ at my next meal.  Any way, that was the plan.  I find it’s a good idea to eat some oils first or early in the day if you that is what you tend to lack.  You have probably heard that if you have to eat some frogs, eat the big ones first.  So that was my plan.  Beets are a great source of NO, generally healthy, slow carbs (although they do have some sugars) and plenty of fiber. I like beets OK but it’s hard to incorporate a whole beet into a meal but one beet provides ton’s of NO.

I’ve always found that even with really good, organic beet powder supplements, nothing even comes close to a real beet or beet juice.  I don’t know what or why something is lost with the powder but try for yourself. With a real half a beet, for ex, you will have some serious ‘beeturia’.  I’ve evaluated powders for this effect and found the one referenced above gets some of this effect, but gauged or paired carb to carb with a real beet (not sure how else to quantify the powder), I would say it has about 25% of the power of the real beet, whatever nebulous power that might be.  BTW, my wife is an Aussie and she has converted me to a beet fan.  Beets are used down under like cucumbers are in this country, pickled for burgers and everywhere and I would argue, certainly more healthy.

But I’m rambling on about beets, my point was to post about a great and tasty smoothie I just created to get down some of the less appealing ingredients.  So, I wanted beets, a good chunk of good oils for the day, some tumeric and some cruciate veggies.  Here is what I did.

  • One beet – trader joe – has great small pack of these – last forever in the fridge btw
  • 2 tblsp bulk tumeric (amazon)
  • A few cranks on the black pepper grinder, maybe 0.5 tsp ground pepper. Apparently the piperine, an alkaloid derived from black pepper, improves the bioavailability of various supplements, so why not?
  • Cruciate mix (also trader joe) – doesn’t last too long in the fridge but just throw it in the freezer and it will last forever.  I also added some freezer preserved cole slaw mix. These things are said to have some antiangiogenic properties that may be effective against early neoplasms.  And arguably better than about 75% of the known cancer chemotherapy agents.  See this favorite TED talk by seriously smart-guy, multiply published doc, William Li – Eat to starve cancer
  • Flax seed oil 30 grams (Trader joe seems to have the best deal around on this sometimes expensive stuff – and their flax oil always smells fresh)
  • Lemon flavored cod liver oil seriously no fish taste and this brand is said to long be the ultimate in this product – the lemon flavor in it will over power anything. – one tblsp
  • Olive oil – about 20 gm – wanted to bring up the oil content
  • Water – enough to mostly fill a ninja blender cup – maybe 16 oz
  • Apple Cider vinegar – may cut or delay carb absorption – 2 tsp

And zap in the Ninja blender.

And I prepare to drink it – do I need to hold my nose?  No, smells decent, like a nice salad dressing actually – lemon, oil, vinegar.  First sip – hey this is OK.  Suddenly I’m going from eating a nasty frog to something decent.  I go ahead and chug the whole 20 or so oz.

I really am amazed.  These were some (cringe) things I don’t like getting down it was sort of like drinking a salad, a savory sort of smoothie.  So good, I’m wasting time at the computer to log it and share it.  But within 10 minute, OMG, I’m feeling totally vasodilated.  My earlobes and fingers are pulsing with perfusion!  I look in the mirror and I’m bright red.  It’s actually a great, comforting feeling!  Just for grins, I check my BP, lying down (my standard for checking it) – 89 / 49 – I’ve had some BP’s like this in the morning but going from my chair to immediately checking it on the bed I usually get a reading like 96 / 68.  HR reg at 80.  I’ve done a 14 mi hot run this morning and I’m not yet volume resuscitated.  I’ve blended beets before and not really gotten this notable of an effect.  Was it the pepper or the oils to extract something or both?  Who knows.

Well having wasted enough time now, here are some pics.

Sometimes post long run I’m cold and clamped down but not after this smoothie!

red hand.jpg


Scene of the crime!