Moving Sale

I have several ‘bins’ of stuff for sale.  Maybe I should have a typical garage sale.  I don’t have time. I’m putting things into a several batches as below.  These are the ‘rules’ for picking this stuff up.

  1. I may do some bids on some batches.  Why not.  The bid starts off at $0.  I might have to start taking negative bids!  I might have to pay you to come take stuff!
  2. There is no binding bid. This is mostly for fun and to find a home for some stuff rather than trashing it.  And to assess interest or if someone wants something more than someone else then offer a dollar more. You can change your mind at any time or withdraw a bid.  You might find out that the stuff is not worth anything and change your mind.
  3. You have to take all the stuff in a bin even if you don’t want it.  Just throw away anything you really don’t want.  Having a garage sale any time soon?
  4. Everything is ‘as is’ and no take-backs!  But hey, if something was misleading I’ll make it right.
  5. You have to come and pick it up at my home (near Medical City area / Northaven Gardens garden place.  Apologies I can’t take it to DMS – no time.

Bin #1 – Shaw got this one.  Pending pickup.

Bin #2 – But wait I’ve added another bin and it’s as one item bin – see way below.  Sorry, this free version of wordpress doesn’t allow me to put in tags so you could jump there.

Fluorescent light 5 ft long with BIG magnifier.  Doesn’t light.  Have not troubleshot.  Tube is rattly, prob. bad.  Perhaps there are LED lights for this thing now.  Good for needlework or electronics.


Clock radio alarm.  Plastic.  Works


1.6 Farad Capacitor, 24 volts.  Charges.


Da Vinci Robotic surgery scissor.  The tip moves in all axis and opens and closes with motion on the proximal rotating parts.  This is used but clean.  Mostly a gee whiz thing.  Not practical or worth anything.  They throw these away after 5 surgeries but they are cool.



Three bike lights.  Two work.  There are two chargers.  They are about ten years old and I think they have internal 18650 batteries but they might be NiMH.  One has a handlebar mount.  They are by Lights In Motion and were once a pretty top of the line light.


Two walkie talkies.  Standard no license frequencies with charger but only one really goes on the charger.  The other one uses batteries, AA, I think.  I tested the charger one – works.


Garmin Forerunner 305 – no charger, can’t test – I charged it about a year ago and held a charge for a long time.  I’ll keep looking for the charger.  HR strap but it might have dead battery and I don’t think it’s meant to be replaced – would have to hack the thing open – doable.


Harbor Freight Sawzall – still NIB, I never opened it.


About 10 yr old PC – no other info but pretty sure fully functional


Auria flat screen monitor with HDMI input and other inputs as well.  Don’t have the remote but I used it recently for many months and it works by default on HDMI mode.  You can order a remote but I never did.  Does not have audio line level out.



Blue bin with framing hardware


Rather large 15 bin storage bin array.  Bins about 4″ x 2 tall x 5″


Party favors and great pranks – around 100 small mylar bags.  Squeeze them to break the inner chemical bag and the pop loudly in about 20 seconds.  The yellow ones are smelly.  The other ones just pop but are harmless.  Play hot potato with them.  Like vinegar and soda but it’s actually some other chemical.


Peltier cooler heater for 12V with cable.  It works but it’s not very powerful.  Need to start off with cold stuff to be very effective as a cooler.  Works.


Great Neck variable speed plug in ‘dremel’ – Works and there are quite a few bits, cutting tools, different size collets and changing tool.


Garmin Edge 705 GPS unit has maps and charger – works nicely but it’s old like > 15 years


Portable multi LED light with charger



Remote alarm unit from Harbor Freight.  Maybe $10 on sale at HF.  I’ve used these many times.  They are sort of cool for setting up a quick monitored area and send the signal a long way.


Biojector 2000 needleless injection system.  Use if you don’t like needles but you will need common CO2 cartridges and will need the piston units – google it and check ebay for these.  Pretty cool system.  Used to give fertility drugs.


Raspberry Pi kit from ebay or amazon.  16 Hz WYSIWYG but I think it’s all there.  Including the mouse and there’s a wifi dongle I added.  It works.  I’ve played with it.  Has PS.



Two Kids remote control units for RC.  They charge and look like they work.  They worked about 12 years ago but I can’t test them.


10″ woofer from a very powerful and expensive sub. The coil is good.  Rats a nest in the sub in storage and chewed out the perimeter of the cone.  I was pissed. Has a monster magnet.  Could be used to build some sort of actuator?



Bin #2

Broken Mirror table –

This was pretty expensive – no time to fix it.  I believe the top is around 42″ diameter (I’ll re-measure it.) I did some research and I think you can get another top for about $100. Or you can do this – This is NOT the table I’m giving away, this one below is an example of what someone did to remedy a table with a broken top.  Just use the original mirror parts I suppose.  I’d love to but not time for.

Here is the actual mirror table:



mirror 2.jpg

All the side mirrors are intact.  I can help you move it into a vehicle.

Bin # 3 – Garage – Assorted pesticides – and other stuff

Beat the mosquitos – this is mostly mosquito fogging spray but there are a few others. These cans are tested and they do spray.

5 cans of Yard Guard Fogger – There is some missing in a couple so you will get about 3.5 cans of spray.


Cutter mosquito spray to be diluted with hose sprayer – 2 containers = to about 1.5 full containers.


Insect fogger to be used with electric fogger – about half


These are unused – the kind you use to fog your house with – set in the room and leave it there – full


A little bit left in two of these – DEET


A pack of mosquito dunks


Unopened Jumbo Autozone Brake fluid


Two bottles of unused Fix a Flat


And a few other things including some farm strength Permethrin and some Termite liquid that is to be diluted with a hose.

And a full, big spray container of heptane / hexane / ether brake cleaner and cat repellant (requires ignition)


Engine treatment


Freon x 2


And finally, an unopened small bag of mesquite wood –


Bin # 4 – Casting Refractory and High BTU Burner

This, in 3 different bags constitutes about 150# of casting refractory.  I was going build a custom furnace / oven but 😦 that project will have to wait.  I looked all over Dallas for this product. I don’t recall why I have two types??  Seems like I bought it from a place in south Dallas – hard to find and it wasn’t cheap.  It’s like really light cement and is used to cast something that will take really high heat.  Lots of youtubes on it. With one or maybe both of these products you can add steel needles to the mix or other substances to enhance the strength.  I think you can add pearlite to it as well to enhance the insulation factor.

I’ll try and find more data on the bags if you are really interested. I wish there was more info on the bag but I’m not seeing much more data about the products. I purchased it about 1 year ago but it has been kept dry and it has not hardened anywhere in the bags although one side of the bags is worn from being on it’s side.




Bag of Quickcrete – kept dry and off the ground – not hardened at all


Super High BTU burner – this is the biggest one they make – was going to be part of my oven.  Been sitting outside and a bit dusty.  I just tried it – works great.


Bin 5 – Boat Anchors x 4 – No . . . really!

These are small, several to five pound anchors I bought to hold buoys for marking an open water swimming course.  Also, some nylong rope as noted. Plus a handy, blue duffle bag to carry them in.



Bin 6 – Biking stuff

Size 5.5 mountain biking shoes, dusty but in good shape.  Without any specific cleats


Avocet used anatomic bike seat


Large under-the-seat bag for bike tools – a bit dirty but totally intact zipper, etc.


The one you have been waiting for – blue camo clincher 700c x 37 road tires. I was going to use for cyclocross – these are unused but a few years old and in good shape.



Dirty, Mavic wheel bag


Bin 7 – bunch of chargers – I took photos of the heftiest ones and their plugs. Might be good for electronics projects. Everyone has a box of these somewhere. I hate to throw them out before I ask if anyone wants them.  There are a few more I did not photo. Plus they come with a cool bonus metal carrying basket. A few usb cables and other cords as well. Quantum entanglement!


Assorted others up for grabs

New pop up frame – outside bag is really rough but I thing we never used the thing.  Sadly, I don’t know where the cover is.  Maybe you could use a tarp?


Bin 8 – Vintage 1950’s microscope – Swift Nine Fifty series
Asking $50

This is a really cool piece of equipment.  Comps on ebay are over $100 without the mechanical stage but with 3 objectives.  Think I paid around $85 – ebay.  Was a student microscope from the 1950’s.  It’s dusty. Been sitting on my desk for a few years. Cleaned it a bit but if you really cleaned it up – it’s sort of a vintage display piece as well as fully functional.

  • It’s solid, weighs around ten pounds.
  • Has a 10x and 40x oil objective and the other objective spot has a cap on it. You can find objectives for the other spot on ebay.
  • The eyepiece is a removable zoom 10-20x
  • Has some other pieces that fit on the eyepiece I believe in a separate box.
  • Mechanical stage
  • Course and fine focus adjustment
  • Electric illuminator
  • Iris diaphram
  • Original bakelite switch

Fully functional as far as I can tell.  The focus seems to drift down a bit after you set it. I think you can tighten something to stiffen this up / prevent drift but I have not looked into it.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 9.39.22 PM.jpg

Bin 9 – Inflatable Office chair

This is a nice chair but too short for me at 6’3”. Was good when recovering from hamstring proximal injury or would be good if you have any sort of neuropathy or sensitive seat area. Inflates like a basket ball (valve type).  But in 3 years or more, never had to add air.