Trail running links

Terry, I’m looking for another video that’s really good re. stride.  I’ll eventually find it and text you when I find it.

Suggest – McDougall vid for some inspiration, he will show you that you are a natural runner.  The professor vid for some insight into stride, the first two for info on trail running.  If you have half an hr sometime, watch the first one.  One of the best vid on trail by a guy who is really good runner but not one of the world famous guys.  He is also an entertainer and produces videos.



Here I have a few running / trail running links, good for some inspiration for running and training and good general information re running.


Humorous 50 mile trail race account by Matthew Inman:

Ethan Newman (Ginger Runner) – his account of the Cascade Crest 100 mile trail race.  One of the best ‘movies’ or documentaries about a trail race.  Better than many I have seen featuring top

Minimalist footwear

McDougal Born to run  – TED talk – you may have seen this, but always good to watch again.


Eating more fat – better runner:

Pacing for an ultra

Optimal pacing for an ultra marathon | Q&A w/Bob Shebest






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