TK103a GPS tracker

After looking for a GPS tracker, this one has lots of features, is inexpensive and does not require a contract with a company for operation.  For $30 seemed to be a good deal.  I was indeed impressed by what arrived in the mail from Amazon.  It appears sturdy and has a good looking wiring harness and other accessories.  More review to follow.

My problem is this.  I had trouble getting the H2O SIM card in Dallas.  I got a SIM card on my AT&T account for $10 per mo which is shared by two other phones with unlimited minutes, texts, etc.  H2O is cheaper but I just want to get it working.  Dallas had excellent AT&T coverage by the way.

When I try and activate the device:

  1. antennas in place
  2. 12V applied to the red and black
  3. Mine does not have a backup battery switch to throw . . . don’t know what they are talking about.

It appears to power up in GPRS mode only, designated by the red blink every 3 seconds alternating with green, which indicates a good GPS signal.   BUT,  it never goes into GMS mode with the fast blink.  When I call the phone number or send it messages it does not respond in any way.

I’m out of ideas.  How do I troubleshoot from there.  I have called AT&T and the SIM is indeed active and it works in another device as well.

Another minor detail is that mine does not have a backup battery switch or any  switches on it as described in the installation instructions.  Is this an option on some models?

Here is a good youtube on the device showing all functions.  Mine behaves the same except that is has a slow rather than the fast blink shown and it does not respond to texts.

Any help?